Streets of Rage and Altered Beast: W(TV)F

Have you heard the news?

Steam Summer Sale 2015

It’s that other magical time of year again. Steam Summer Sale! Thirty year olds rejoice in cubicles and speak rapidly of all the flippant purchases like eighteenth century English children standing in the streets yapping about wooden toys and plum pudding on Christmas Day. ISP’s wonder what the hell is going on as bandwidth usage hits the ceiling. Dogs eagerly stand with leashes in mouths and legs crossed. Extracurricular activities drop to all time lows as gamers keep an eye on flash sales. Palms sweat as a game that you have heard of once drops to 99 cents.“It is only a dollar!” You say as you try to convince yourself with the same reasoning you bought the last sixty six games with.

Last summer sale I stopped at six games at the twenty three dollar mark. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Not to mention that I have wanted all but one of these games for years now and just never got around to buying them.

This time I have been able to keep the beast at bay, for now. I remember when the first twenty four hours are almost gone. I thought to myself, only two hundred and sixteen more to go. Now days have passed. I still haven’t succumbed, but I can feel my will weakening. One game couldn’t hurt.