Other Blog: Sweatpants Life

A while back I started a new blog called Sweatpants Life. Typically, it’s about, well life. I’ve been writing about words and SEO a lot lately.

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New Era/Get This Show On The Road

In the last post, I announced that I was moving the blog to a new site. Well, that site is up and running as of right now. I wanted something easier to remember and a little easier to pronounce. I also thought that Zweihander Plus Eins made me sound like a tinfoil hate wearing upstart. […]

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Change Is Coming

Sorry to those who don’t like change, but it’s coming. You can’t stop progress, but – if conservative politicians are an example – you sure as hell can piss and moan and drag your feet the entire way. Pile all your players onto it’s back and make it drag all of them over the touchdown […]

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